Monday, April 13, 2009

Wrap it up.

"Last Wednesday, Simon Mol's apartment was visited by a group of men dressed in civilian clothing. Mol initially believed them to be racist attackers, but opened the door only when he noted that they were accompanied by uniformed police officers. The police officers took him to the station, where they explained that he was accused of spreading HIV amongst women. "He was calm," noted Officer Marek Siewert, "he didn't admit anything, he said he wasn't sick and that he did not infect anyone." He also threatened to report the matter to international human rights organizations."

Apparently this man has been exploiting white women all around poland. Having sex with them, forcing them not to use a condom (because he claims its racist) then infecting them with AIDS.

"Months ago, a certain woman, suffering from illness which could not be cured, tested positive for HIV. While talking to her, the doctor suddenly realized he was talking to the third woman in a short time who mentioned having had sexual contact with a man from Cameron. All of the victims immediately informed Mol that he had infected them with HIV. Mol's reaction was always the same: he would accuse them of racism, of stereotyping, that all blacks have HIV. He would also say that even if he were sick, it is his private business."

But wait, its gets better...Look at his cryptic poem...

"polish goddess

Then - as the Moon lit the path

of the beautiful Goddess

illuminating the darkness of the night

two tears ran down her left eye

ending their journey

burying all the nightmares

healing wounds foisted upon me

and upon my Brothers

by those like her"

Having sex with a condom is smart, not racist. I think we need more sex education in polish schools, AND refugee camps...

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